25 Oct 2020

Celebrating our littlest people

Across our community of Lifelong Learning Centres, we are excited to be celebrating the littlest people in our lives – children! 

Children’s Week is an annual event acknowledging children’s rights and celebrating their talents, skills and abilities. Thousands of children and families across Australia celebrate through activities and events. 

The United Nations are a driving force behind the annual campaign – calling on communities to provide positive childhood experiences and education opportunities, as well as protecting the rights of children. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child is an important international agreement on childhood, which is incorporated into the experiences and practices in each Lifelong Learning Centre. 


Watch our Children's Week video below!


Jola Sung, Education Advisor at Lifelong Learning Centres spoke to us about the importance of supporting children. 

“Children learn from people in their immediate surroundings – parents, siblings, educators and friends. It is incredibly important for us to all work together to have a consistent approach to support children’s development holistically”, explained Jola. 

The education and experiences a child has in their first five years are the most important. 

Children’s development isn’t just about literacy or math; it’s critically about social and emotional development and building positive relationships with those around them. The confidence that builds not only prepares them for school, but for a lifetime of positive outcomes. 

Find out how each of our Lifelong Learning Centres celebrate and empower children every day. Search for your closest Lifelong Learning Centre and book a family tour today. Alternatively, call us on 1800 CHILD CARE


30 Oct 2020

Day for Daniel

Across Australia, we are recognising Day for Daniel as part of National Safe Work Month. Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to help raise awareness of child safety, a cause that’s close to the hearts of all our Centre Managers and educators.
9 Oct 2020

"How was your day"?

Pick up time at the end of the day is such an exciting time – typically little faces light up when their parent or caregiver arrives. But how can families encourage meaningful conversations with their child?
10 Sep 2020

R U OK? Day

Learning how to support peers and talk about feelings is an important life lesson – so start the conversation with your littlest friends this R U OK? Day.